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Meet Evisu

Evisu or Evisu Genes is a Japanese designer clothing company that specialises in producing denim wear through traditional, labour-intensive methods. The brand was founded in 1991 in Osaka, Japan, by Hidehiko Yamane.


Evisu, a high-end denim business, wanted to engage target consumers as they turned the brand from a niche denim house in Japan to a global major lifestyle brand. The brand wanted to enhance their influence as a trendsetting brand in China and increase share of voice on social media for more brand awareness amongst the younger generation of consumers in China.

IMS Solution

IMS helped garner cultural significance for Evisu via an artistic video campaign specifically targeted at the Generation Z consumers in China. We designed an innovative triple crossover campaign for the brand’s fall/winter 2018 seasonal launch. By selecting two top trendsetters in China as Evisu’s crossover partners: globally respected photographer and artist Chen Man, and Generation Z star and KOL Huang Zitao, who both exerted significant cultural influence over Generation Z consumers, IMS positioned Evisu as a trendsetting brand for a ready Chinese market and highlighted values important both to the brand and to its targeted consumers.


The IMS-designed campaign was a resounding success and generated media frenzy for the brand. By selecting the most popular form of share-friendly media, the Evisu X Chen Man X Huang Zitao video campaign kicked off a cultural hype across Chinese social media. The cool, trendsetting apparel by Evisu was perfectly showcased by Chen Man’s artistic and moody lens, while the visual featured one of China’s most beautiful and influential stars Huang Zitao. The triple crossover campaign proved extremely successful for all three partners and garnered much social media hype, brand awareness, and cultural significance for the brand, driving conversion and merchandise sales for the brand and positioned them as a truly global lifestyle brand. The brand equity generated aided the brand in becoming a valuable partner and distribution platform in Asia for other international brands.

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